Kendra Carbone


Kendra Carbone born in Buenos Aires, of Sicilian origin, the youngest of four brothers. Since childhood she has always loved the world of aesthetics and that is why she has decided to be a beauty blogger. He is currently a partner with humanitarian organizations such as MSF. is categorically against animal abuse and is why he also works with the Aida Animal Protection Association.

She is very creative, she loves interior decoration and dress design, many of her chihuahua clothes are created by her, where she also talks about this video He is a fashion lover and beauty world, he likes to know new beauty products. He is a lover of martial arts, he started with Pa-kua, but after six months he decided to leave and enter the world of Kickboxing, where he actually dreamed of being a champion, but after 5 years of kickboxing stopped.

She has participated in various beauty contests where she always won something.